Indigenous Wisdom and Community Stability

Level Growth and partners have a prime directive in preserving culture. Indonesian culture in particular is family centric. The cultural heritage is considered a valuable resource and is recognised by UNESCO in both tangible and non-tangible forms.

Rituals are offered at child birth, at new plantings, and many occasions. Mantras are recited in Arabic, Bahasa (Indonesian), and Balik.

Many of the indigenous peoples rituals remain "expected". Many villagers and officials are concerned that new growth and "outsiders" will degrade the peoples spiritual traditions known as 'bersoyong'.  

Level Growth manages this potential conflict by communicating and reinforcing the importance of the indigenous wisdom.

Local ancient wisdom remains the bridge here to understand and protect the natural world.

2021 Culture Church
Dakay mom and child
Culture Local dancers
Level Growth Team Members
Level Growth Team Members
2021 Dance at trade show
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