Illegal Logging in Kalimantan

Global Policy Impact on Behavior

Sulaweisi Jungle

Multinational Collaboration

Level Growth has well developed relationships with key leaders in multinational corporations. Relationships forged with global organizations, governing bodies, and consultants such as the Rainforest Alliance, Yerkes, Sustainable Agriculture Network, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and others, should be viewed as one collaboration.. This paradigm ensures maximum benefit and minimum risk.

Orang Nest

Natural Orangutan Nest Habitat

1 Logging boundary copy 2021

Illegal Logging Operation in Kalimantan

Level Growth member (background)
Level Growth member (background)

Secondary Forest Inspection

Illegal Land clearing by locals

Local Land Clearing without permit

Illegal Logging along plantation margin

Illegal Logging Operation

Peat Fire Site

Burned Peat Land in Palm Farm

2 River Bathroom 2

Bathroom Facilities Just Up River From Village Water Source

peat protection
Timber Mills

Timber Mills used in the 1980s to 2001 during rapid deforestation of Kalimantan (Borneo). The worst year on record for deforestation was 2022.

The rainforest here is 2x as old as the Amazon, 130 million years old.

Given increasing globalization, it has become clear that no one community or sector of society has enough knowledge and resources to adequately address all of their own economic and environmental challenges, and that no single nation can reverse the global pattern of habitat loss and species extinction that is undermining the health and well-being of the people, corporate future, and their environment. There is now however clearly available substantiated data that can serve to legitimately educate the world consumer in a positive scientific and verifiable manner as to the significant positive contribution of these products to the global sustainable economy.

Level Growth advises corporate leaders on methods to allow for measurable sequential improvement in operations providing time for companies to engage in compliance and effect change that is verifiable, cost-effective, economically, and logistically practical.


Maleo Protection

Maleo Breeding Project -Sulaweisi

Orangs in captivity

Orangutans In Captivity (That Can Not Be Released)

illegalk logging

Illegal Palm Planting in North Kalimantan

2 Illegal planting on land

Water Management Compliance in North Kalimantan

Level Growth Team (2,3,5 from left) with NGO advisor and Consultant
Level Growth Team (2,3,5 from left) with NGO advisor and Consultant

.                   Primary High Value Conservation Forest - Kalimantan

Illegal Logging

Illegal Logging Operation

9 Deforestation1

Clear Cutting in North Kalimantan


UpGraded Housing for Farm Workers

Water Drainage in Plantation

Areas of opportunity that can be managed locally but can impact globally include peat lands. Indonesia and the Congo basin have the most peat lands in the world. Exposed peat rapidly dries, oxidizes, and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Peat lands hold 2x the carbon of forest.

Buffer Zone between plantations

Logged areas along river banks account for additional degradation of "buffer lands" often harvested by villagers and illegal loggers.

Level Growth Team (from left 1,2,3) with  Academic Consultant
Level Growth Team (from left 1,2,3) with Academic Consultant

Areas of "conservation" within farms provide new opportunities to reestablish forest for the workers and families where clear cutting and deforestation done decades ago has remained unaddressed.