Our mission

We support corporations and their corporate leaders to achieve success in a competitive global market by integrating the best practices of industry partners, community knowledge and culture, governments, and NGOs that allow for integration of the private and public sector knowledge base.

Best Practice Management


Level Growth is a for-profit company that works for the interests of our customers and their shareholders.

Level Growth promotes improving the quality of natural surroundings while respecting and protecting community needs and remaining true to the corporate responsibility of efficiency and profitability.


We show you how to retain leadership in developing infrastructure of reliable, responsible, and sustainable economic models.

 To create a business model active in the area of natural resources utilization and management, which is feasible and practical economically, and able to increase the value for its various stakeholders, by building and utilizing the national and global potential, responsibly, intelligently and ethically.

We generate strategic solutions supporting environmental and corporate financial sustainability goals.


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Antonius Kurniawan

Level Growth Management Advantage

Sustainable, efficient, innovative agricultural production

  • Level Growth has access to a rare combination of expertise in programs including
  • human rights
  • novel natural resource management
  • sustainable forestry
  • agriculture
  • engineering
  • innovative waste management
  • meet competitive multinational standards
  • social and cultural management
  • Ecotourism

Level Growth is implementing land-use programs for areas including forest reserves,

sugar, palm, clove,  and other farms, and provides R&D for model communities.