Level Growth coordinates activities with certification agencies and NGOs to facilitate compliance and verification of standards for operations.
Level Growth worked with Industry and Independent Agencies to assess and protect areas of high value peat land.
Level Growth Laboratory works to identify and develop natural botanicals for use in disease treatment and anti tumor research.
Level Growth collaborates with multiple governmental agencies and NGOs to develop long term holistic communities promoting human rights, and environmental stewardship.
Level Growth partnered with national and international universities, NGOs, and other organizations and individuals to provide technical expertise and training.
Level Growth works with local communities supporting artesianal production of sugar
Level Growth facilitated collaboration to conserve wildlife in North Sulawesi, with the Wildlife Conservation Society, a leading international environmental NGO, and an agriculture company.
The Level Growth team provided support to company leaders in achieving the first clove plantation in SE Asia certified by Rainforest Alliance to meet SAN standards.
Level Growth maintained independent laboratories to conduct genetic research and testing to optimize growth and lifespan of crops.
The Level Growth developed a strategy for the protection and conservation of orangutans bordering and living within the plantation and minimizing the loss of viable orangutan habitat.
The Level Growth team has partnered with NGOs to ensure that the NGOs provide direct benefits to our client’s operations and profitability while meeting the goals of the NGO.
Level Growth coordinated activities with local NGOs and National Resource groups to protect endangered species and develop programs for monitoring and future environmental programs.
Level Growth coordinated efforts to work together with Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park and the Natural Resource Conservation Agency of North Sulawesi, to monitor and protect Anoa and Babirusa.