Facilitating compliance with standards and certification programs

Achieving certification from a respected, independent, third-party scheme assures that farm or forest products will meet market demands.  In addition, implementing the changes and improvements to comply with sustainability standards makes a farm more efficient, productive and resilient.  Level Growth works closely with the Rainforest Alliance, a pioneer in standard-setting and a leading certifier in agriculture, forestry and tourism, but can advise producers on any standard or buyer sourcing guidelines.  Services include:

  • Advising on which standard – or combination of standards – are most appropriate and useful.
  • Serving as an interlocutor between the producing company and the certification group.
  • Ensuring good communications with all stakeholders.
  • Guiding the process of mapping and accessing farms, identifying the changes and improvements that must be made, organizing a continuous improvement program, and advising on policies, systems and procedures.
  • Seizing opportunities and solving problems.
  • Building alliances and making market linkages.