Best Practice Management

Level Growth remains consistently directed toward best business management. We vigorously evaluate and select appropriate NGOs with specific expertise customized to each industry partner to improve operational management outcomes. An example is our relationship with the Rainforest Alliance, a group that has globally demonstrated to farmers growing bananas, coffee, tea, cocoa, and other crops that careful management, and best practice agriculture, coupled with actions that attend to the social, production and environmental issues can reliably improve productivity and efficiency, achieve more significant ROI, and open new markets. Level Growth has partnered with Rainforest Alliance to ensure that these activities provide other direct benefits to our client’s plantations, such as improved relationships and brokering conflict resolution with workers and communities, improved government relations, and greater access to credit.

Level Growth Management Advantage --
Sustainable, efficient, innovative agricultural production

Level Growth has access to a rare combination of expertise in programs including
• sustainable forestry,
• agriculture and
• tourism.
Level Growth is implementing land-use programs for areas including forest reserves, palm, and other farms, and provides R&D for model communities.


Level Growth Team
Level Growth Team
2 a clove plantation
2 a clove plantation
2021 Palm Trees High Res

The future of agro crop management and sustainability depends on research and efficient practical application of knowledge on
• soil management,
• fertilizer application,
• genetic sourcing,
• methane and greenhouse gas management (including capture, reducing emissions, and providing an additional source of revenue),
• social management of personnel (training, housing, pay structure, and education), and
• management of natural resources including clean water availability to employees.
• Maintaining efficiencies in operations while attracting and developing a better-equipped, healthy well-educated workforce attracts further investment. Worker education leads to growth, increased revenue, and employee financial stability, further stabilizing the corporate structure and prosperity.

--generate strategic solutions supporting corporate financial and environmental sustainability goals.