Standards - Orchestrating Civil Sustainability

  • Level Growth in association with the Rainforest Alliance worked with industry partners to comply with Sustainable Agriculture Network guidelines for equal opportunities for education and employment, with equal pay for work among genders, and compliance with standards for access to clean water and appropriate living conditions.
  • SAN - Sustainable Agriculture Network -General Standards Review - Fair Treatment and Good Working Conditions for Workers- All employees working on certified farms, and the families that live on these farms, benefit from the rights and conditions established in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Children’s Rights Convention, and in the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) conventions and recommendations. Farms pay salaries and benefits equal or more than the legal minimum, and the workweek and working hours must not exceed the legal maximums or those established by the ILO. Workers may organize and associate freely for negotiating working conditions. Certified farms do not discriminate and do not use forced or child labor and work to offer employment opportunities and education to people in neighboring communities. Housing provided by certified farms is in good condition, and has potable water, sanitary facilities and domestic waste collection. Families living on certified farms have access to medical services and the children have access to education.


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Level Growth provides organizations with the expertise and support they need to ensure they have a positive social and environmental impact . We specialize in helping organizations implement sustainable solutions by providing the organization the required support structure. Level Growth facilitates Governments, NGOs and Corporations cooperation for a common good.

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